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2023-2024 Household Income and Expenditure Survey

The Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES), which is being implemented at the state level, officially began its field phase today, according to an announcement made at the Planning and Statistics Authority’s (PSA) offices. Data collection for the HIES will last a full year, beginning in February 2023.

The HIES is regarded as one of the biggest and most significant surveys that offers a range of crucial socioeconomic data on living standards and circumstances in Qatar. The percentage distribution of household expenditure on goods and services, as well as the consumption habits of Qatari and non-Qatari households, are all relevant and accurate statistical data that may be utilised to calculate cost-of-living indices.

Additionally, HIES aims to determine the average income and expenditure of people and households on a variety of expenditure items from various sources, while linking them to the influencing factors like educational attainment, employment status, and economic activity, as well as the effect of demographic, social, and economic factors on the household. It is crucial for calculating the magnitude of the present demand for goods and services, determining the monthly income and spending of the family and the person, and predicting the population’s future demands for goods and services.

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