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40-second travel procedure at HIA: Officials

According to a spokesperson, the use of e-gates at Hamad International Airport has made travel to Qatar extremely convenient, with the average traveler, whether they are a citizen, resident, or visa holder, taking no more than 40 seconds to complete the travel procedures. Major Muhammad Mubarak Al-Buainain, who works at the Airport Passports Department, explained that the electronic gates in the terminals of HIA can be used by travelers during both their departure and arrival, based on their preference.

During an interview with Qatar Radio, Major Al-Buainain stated that a passenger can complete the process at the e-gate counter within 30 to 40 seconds. If the process takes longer than that, it may require further scrutiny or additional information. He also noted that all terminals at HIA have e-gates installed, enabling travelers to complete their travel procedures without any interaction with a Passport Department employee.

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