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5 benefits of traveling by Doha Metro

There have been no issues with transportation in Qatar. The Doha Metro has already made it much easier for tourists to move about the country’s relatively compact cities, and the country’s size makes long-distance transit between its cities a breeze. It is a well publicised improvement to the quality of life for commuters in Qatar.

The Doha Metro is expected to be one of the world’s quickest driverless metro systems, and it is a large transit system that covers roughly 75 kilometres. Let’s delve in, then, and get to the bottom of the Doha metro system in Qatar.


Doha Metro Green Line

In December 2019, the 11-station, 22-kilometer long, Doha Metro Green Line was open to the public. Locations including the Qatar National Library, Education City, The White Palace, Al Bidda, Msheireb, Hamad Hospital, Al Messila, Al Riffa, and many more are all found inside the green area. Importantly, the Green Line of the Doha Metro allows transfers between the Al Bidda and Msheireb stations, while Education City, the Qatar National Library, and Hamad Hospital are some of the route’s busiest stops.

Doha Metro Red Line

Doha’s Red Line Metro, at almost 40 kilometres in length, is the Metro system‘s longest route. One of the most significant lines of the Qatar Metro, it opened in 2019. This line serves several Doha Metro stops, including Lusail, Al Wakrah, West Bay, and even Qatar University. All the way from Al Wakrah to the northernmost Lusail City, the Red Line has 18 stops. For travellers, the Red Line’s significance lies in the fact that it speeds them from Hamad International Airport to the heart of Doha. In addition to the Corniche, other popular tourist destinations along the Red Line of the Doha Metro are Umm Ghuwaillina, Free Zone, Ras Bu Fontas, Oqba Ibn Nafie, etc.

Doha Metro Gold Line

Take the Gold Line if you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and style on the Qatar Metro. Connecting Ras Bu Abboud and Al Aziziyah, this Metro Line is among the best in the city. The 14-kilometer long Gold Line of the Doha Metro, which features 11 stops. Al Aziziyah, Sports City, Al Sudan, Joaan, Bin Mohmoud, Msheireb, Souq Waqif, National Museum, and many more renowned tourist destinations in Qatar are all accessible through the Gold Line of Doha Metro. It provides a novel commute for tourists.

Travel Cards

In terms of convenience, Metro commuters agree that using a travel card is the best option. There are a variety of cards available to tourists, and they can choose one that best suits their itinerary and budget. 

Standard travel cards is the regular travel card for the Doha Metro. There is a significant price difference between the Gold Club travel cards and other types of travel cards. There are two alternatives for these reusable cards, a day pass or a single ride one. Limited Use travel cards are the finest options for short-term travelers looking for limited use travel cards. Doha residents can get these cards at any of the city’s Metro stops. Regarding the costs, tourists are urged to double-check with the relevant authorities.

Mobile Application

Want to know what to do in Qatar but don’t know where to start in terms of commute? Then the Qatar Rail app for your mobile device is what you need. The software has been designed to help commuters make the most of the Metro system by offering real-time updates on the status of their nearest station, as well as details on the various lines and how to get to them. You will get real-time information on the status of the Metro service, register your travel cards, and link them easily. 

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