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5 Things to do at Corniche (Qatar)

Doha, the capital city of Qatar has the Al Corniche Doha. This has mesmerizing views of the waterfront promenade, which stretches for around several kilometers along the Doha Bay. You can view a green grassy park that has the sea view upon one side and a hectic business street on the other one. The place is famous for family gatherings, people simply strolling and jogging, mostly in the evenings when it is not very hot. The Doha Corniche tends to be lined by hotels, cafes, as well as a beautiful park that has a children’s play area. There is a skating area as well. 

The following tells you of 5 things that you can do at Corniche Doha Qatar:

1. Dhow Cruise

Along the Al Corniche Street, you can find the Doha Port area. Here there are many traditional dhows or Arabian ships, fishing boats, as well as working boats which are moored. You can buy fresh fish from the fishermen here in the morning.

It is possible to cruise Doha Bay in the dhow. The dhow cruise is exciting as you can visit main attractions and get to experience the modern as well as traditional mix of the city. The captain may even decorate the dhow with some colorful small lamps. They may turn on some Indian or Arabic music which you can enjoy during the cruise. This is an exciting thing to do at the Corniche Qatar.

2. Visit Al Rumaila Park

Another activity to do at the Corniche Doha is to visit the Al Rumaila Park. It is a long rectangular-shaped park found on Corniche Street. It is said to be one of the oldest parks present in Doha. The park has an area where friends and families can relax upon the green grass. There is a water canal at the center of this park and some small shops that sell local crafts. 

There are different facilities at the park which you can enjoy. This includes the half-pipe present for skating, skateboarding, the play place for toddlers, some equipment for older kids, like swings, plastic slides, a sandy surface, etc. You can find two kiosks here which sell different snacks, burgers, sandwiches, soft drinks, ice cream, tea, as well as coffee for instance. 


3. Enjoy the walkway

There are beautiful views along with a long walkway close to the sea which allow Al Corniche Doha to be a comfortable area to refresh oneself. The green grass located on the other side, with the date trees, lets one enjoy the view. 

It is a good idea to exercise, jog or simply stroll along this wide walkway. You can do this in the morning and afternoon when it is not very hot.


4. Have lunch or dinner at a restaurant

You can enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner at a restaurant at Corniche Doha Qatar. A good one to try out is the Al Mourjan one which serves Arabic and Lebanese cuisine. Celebrate a special event here with family or friends. You can have a dinner with a loved one here. 

Royalty, celebrities as well as diplomats from across the world visit this restaurant. There is even outdoor seating which is close to the water. The menu is rather extensive. There are even international dishes.


5. Museum of Islamic Art

If you want to check out culture when in the Corniche Qatar, you can visit the Museum of Islamic Art. It is a famous landmark in the country. You can check out the museum and even attend the art exhibition that has works from local as well as international artists. 

You can see collections from different countries in the Middle East, as well as countries which are linked to Qatar and possess Islamic histories. There will be artifacts, ceramics, calligraphy, etc. 

From the above you can see that there are many fun activities that you can do when visiting the Corniche Doha.

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