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Megan Movie is a trending sensation, with an IMDb rating of 6.4/10. The plot follows a robotics engineer in a toy company, who creates an eerily lifelike doll. What ensues is a chilling transformation as the doll evolves from a girl’s companion to something far more ominous. Brace yourself for a horror experience like no other.

Summary of the movie

Megan Movie

Gemma who is a robotics engineer and has no maternal instincts has to suddenly take care of her niece who is young, namely Cady. This is because Cady becomes an orphan after a car accident. The movie concerns how Gemma learns to take care of the child.

Gemma invents a doll of the future. It pairs with a child and also adjusts to its requirements. The doll aims to behave like a best friend and also big sister. Gemma employs Cady like her test case.

Megan is evil from the beginning. She’s a stylish doll whose violence makes this movie be a PG-13 one. Megan is a cutting-edge robot who has blond hair and a caustic attitude. She has a killer protective streak and is hilarious yet unnerving.

The movie has been produced by horror masters, i.e. Jason Blum as well as James Wan as they show satire and social media savvy in the movie. You will find it fun watching this movie which has absurdity and looks at 21st-century parenting.

Main cast of the movie

Megan Movie

The main cast of Megan includes:

  • Allison Williams who plays Gemma
  • Violet McGraw who plays Cady
  • Ronny Chieng who plays David
  • Amie Donald who plays Megan
  • Jenna Davis who is the voice of Megan

The movie is directed by Gerard Johnstone.

Where Megan is playing in Qatar


If you wish to watch Megan in Qatar you will be pleased to know that the movie is playing at different cinemas. These include:

  • Vox- Doha Festival City – at 5:20 pm and 07:00 pm
  • Novo- Mall of Qatar Cinema – at 10:30 pm
  • Novo –Tawar Mall Cinema – at 12:20 pm

Megan is a movie to watch for those who want to watch something fun that is also scary at the same time. You can enjoy watching it in Qatar in some cinemas where it is playing. It is a movie for those who looking for a horror, sci-fi and thriller movie with a PG-13 rating attached to it.

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