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Agriculture outputs top 100,000 tonnes in Qatar 2022

According to a government official, Qatar produced 100,000 tonnes of agricultural products in 2022, bringing the nation’s vegetable self-sufficiency percentage to 46%. “Local vegetables production witnessed an increase of over 100 percent last year compared to 2017, said the Director of Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality, Youssef Khalid Al Khulaifi. He recently stated in an interview with Qatar TV that the Ministry’s goal is to expand local agricultural production to a certain point of self-sufficiency. “To do so, we have taken a number of measures such as expanding the agricultural season which is from November to May in Qatar because of the climate,” said Al Khulaifi. According to him, the season has been extended by using greenhouses to ensure that agricultural food is available all year round.

“Since the climate of Qatar is not much favorable to produce vegetables in farms during summer, we have provided suitable environment for growing vegetables through cold houses (shaded facilities with necessary equipment to serve as greenhouse),” said Al Khulaifi. He stated that the usage of imported cool buildings, which were modified as needed to fit the local temperature, had significantly increased agricultural productivity.

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