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All you need to know about Aspire Park

One of the most well-liked family parks in Qatar is Aspire Park, which is a part of Aspire Zone. Its 88 hectares are dotted with many sizable green areas. The 300 m tall Torch Doha, which is Qatar’s tallest structure, can be viewed from the park. There are jogging and walking trails as well as a sand track that round the park. The Aspire Lake Festival and the Aspire International Kite Festival, to name a couple, were held there in the past. The park is one of the locations for photography aficionados and is also well-maintained. If you are new to Qatar or haven’t been to Aspire Park yet, we have compiled a list of some of the attractions you should see.


Large Lake

The park’s enormous lake, where ducks, geese, and other birds may be found, is one of its most well-known attractions. Two bridges cross the lake, one of which features a fountain. Renting pedal boats, kayaks, walking balls, and bumpy boats.

Greenery in the area

There is a little hill in the park with a lovely outlook. It is ideal for individuals who wish to workout uphill and on higher ground because it is not on flat terrain. The park is also home to a variety of tree types, with the intriguing-looking silk floss trees being the most prominent. The trees, which are claimed to have been brought from Argentina in 2007, have a protruding bottom trunk. You can also discover trees that were moved to Qatar from other places and are native to that country.

Public Art

At Aspire Park, you can also locate a piece of public art from the Qatar Museums next to the lake. Sarah Lucas created Perceval, a bronze sculpture of a shire horse pulling a waggon full of enormous marrows. It’s a representation of British culture and exhibits the artist’s propensity to re-examine common things in unique circumstances, according to the description.

Beautiful Fountain

Be prepared to get wet when you cross the bridge with the spanning fountains, which is a favourite of both kids and adults. Because of the lighting at the wooden fountain bridge, it is much more pleasant at night.

Restaurants and Cafes

Aspire Park is dotted with a lot of eateries and coffee shops. Burgeri and Sugar & Spice are located facing the Villaggio mall side. Along Al Furousiya street near the lake, there is a Coffeeshop Company and a Starbucks. Within the park, there are several food trucks and kiosks.

Location of the park

From the Al Aziziyah Metro Station on the Gold Line, you may get to Aspire Park. The park may then be reached by walking to Villaggio from the Metro station or by walking to Al Aziziyah from the bus stop and taking the M313 to Hyatt Plaza.

Aspire Zone

The Aspire Zone gained international recognition via the successful holding of the 2006 Asian Games and is now regarded as the Middle East’s premier sporting destination. Aspire Zone can accommodate the needs of the athletic industry, including hosting significant international competitions, coaching camps, conferences, pre-competition camps, training and research, injury diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation. Families and guests have a ton of options at Aspire Zone. The location has two hotels right on the property, The Torch Doha Hotel, a refuge for everyone from sports fans to people looking to improve their health and wellness. Aspire also houses the Al Aziziyah Boutique hotel, which has a stunning Victorian facade and enthralling interiors. Both are located a short distance from the Villaggio Mall, which was designed in the style of Venice. A one-stop shop with family-friendly attractions including indoor theme parks, quick service restaurants, and fast food.

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