All you need to know about Qatar’s State Grand Mosque 

Qatar is an Islamic country and so Mosque’s are popular here. When looking at the different ones in the country, the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque is a popular Qatar Masjid. It is grand and magnificent, located in a prominent neighborhood of Doha. The Mosque can be seen from a distance. It is one of the largest Mosques found in the country. The Mosque will be open for tours daily in November as well as December so visitors coming for FIFA 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar can visit it and check out its grandeur.

The following includes facts that you should know about this Mosque in Doha Qatar:

Who built the Mosque?

The original Grand Mosque was actually built by the founder of Qatar, i.e. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani. He had the Mosque made in memory of his father. He died when Sheikh Jassim was away for some military campaign that was occurring in the Zubara area of the country. When he came back from Zubara in 1878, he got told that his father died.

The Grand Mosque in Doha was refurbished which has allowed it to have the look that it has today. The refurbishment started in December 2006.

Features of the façade

The Mosque is one of the popular Qatar destinations. The façade of the Mosque is made using sandstones. It has preserved some traditional features of the country’s rich heritage along with its prolific history.

When it comes to the Mosque, it is not really high. The smaller domes upon the building, imitate its constraints which the country faced at the time it was not very wealthy.

During the night, the Mosque gets lit up using strategically placed lighting which increases the overall marvel of this Mosque. 93 domes are present on the Grand Mosque and 65 of these make up the particular outer quadrangle of the Mosque. There are 28 larger sized domes that protect the central hall.

This Mosque has 20 entrances, three are main doors moreover 17 are side entrances. The entrances facilitate the many people entering as well as leaving the Mosque when it is prayer times so as to limit congestion. A huge courtyard area is present in the Mosque also.


The Qatar Masjid covers an area that is around 175,164 square meters. This can accommodate around 11,000 men for prayers within the central hall, and nearly 1,200 women within the separate special area which is next to the central hall for women.


The interior of the Grand Mosque in Doha Qatar is totally air-conditioned. The ceilings tend to be domed. When it comes to the well-designed walkways as well as prayer halls, these are decorated with huge and beautiful chandeliers which light up the complete area and illuminate the spaces which make up the Grand Mosque within the evenings.

The prayer area’s floors are covered using lush carpets so that they are comfortable to use.

Parking area

The parking area of the Doha Mosque is around 14,877 square meters. There is therefore much parking space available. There are 9 parking spaces and even an indoor one.

Qatar’s State Grand Mosque is indeed a Mosque to visit when in the country.

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