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All you need to know about West Bay Beach

Doha tends to be a most significant city within Qatar, having many attractions, commercial towers, institutes, as well as buildings. The city is full of culture, art, education, plus entertainment. People have much to explore here. It is the largest city in Qatar and has been subdivided into various regions such as Lusail, The Pearl, along with West Bay Qatar. The following aims to tell you about West Bay beach in Qatar that aims to be one of best beaches in Qatar.

West Bay is a significant location

West Bay Beach will be on the list of beaches in Qatar and is found in the West Bay district within Doha. This area includes certain renowned government offices as well as foreign embassies. It is said to be a luxurious region in the city. This is because it tends to be accommodated by diplomats.

There are only a few residential spaces that are given to non-diplomats who have a high-status of living. You can find huge villas, houses, West Bay apartments, etc. here.

Shoreline along West Bay location

When it comes to the West Bay Beach Doha, this is an upcoming project which will include more beaches for tourists to enjoy in the country. It aims to combine 12 private beaches along with a public beach. Therefore the project wants to enhance the beauty of Doha by giving it an aesthetic sense. It will probably be one of the top beaches in Qatar.

Facilities along the coast

Along the coast, you can check out top kiosks along with cafes. There are facilities such as changing rooms and others which are helpful to people. The beaches aim to divide the city into three parts.

Sports and even beach games will get introduced so that they can engage visitors to take part in the exciting activities. The project has also listed more cafes as well as restaurants, sports tracks, plus other facilities that the public can use allowing it to be one of the best beaches in Qatar.

Luxury hotel close to the beach

The InterContinental Doha present in West Bay is a luxurious hotel where one can stay relaxingly. The hotel provides visitors with luxury and leisure. There are top accommodating units.

The beauty plus facility of the hotel attracts honeymooners, families, and even those coming for business tours. It is a beautiful hotel with an impressive design, and modern architecture. It will be close to one of the top beaches Qatar.

Details about West Bay beaches project

Qatar unveiled its plan to make West Bay a major tourist destination by introducing the West Bay beaches here. This was in 2021. The project aims to give Qatar’s community along with tourists amazing destinations so that they can enjoy the country’s waters.

There will be six new beaches that will open here along with some hotels around West Bay. The initiative is known as the West Bay North Beach Project.

The project will be located around only 10 minutes away from West Bay Metro Station. It will be centered strategically by some shopping outlets, parks plus hotels. The beaches aim to be on the list of beaches in Qatar.

Qatar is working hard in making the country be a popular tourist destination. One project they are involved in is this West Bay beaches one for this purpose.

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