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Around 23 labour recruitment offices’ license cancelled by Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) recently declared that it has revoked and shut down licenses of 23 labour recruitment offices for failing to comply with the regulations and procedures for licensing labour recruitment from overseas and for ignoring customer complaints. The MoL’s decision is a part of its consistent efforts to supervise and control the labour recruitment offices, and to guarantee that the rights of employers and domestic workers are maintained. The ministry is conducting regular inspections of recruitment offices to check whether they are complying with the applied decisions to regulate the recruitment of domestic workers. These measures will ensure that labour recruitment offices follow the rules and regulations for licensing labour recruitment and that the domestic workers’ rights are protected.

According to the ministry, the inspection teams make sure that the new domestic worker employment contracts are used in accordance with the terms of the decision to extend the guarantee during their inspection rounds. They also make sure that the recruitment prices are adhered to in accordance with the decision to set the maximum prices for domestic worker recruitment.

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