Attractions in Qatar to look forward to in 2023

Qatar, a country in the Middle East, has long attracted tourists. As one of the richest and safest destinations, Qatar continues to be on many people’s vacation wish lists. Numerous adventure enthusiasts will like the area’s large variety of attractions. Though Qatar is a relatively smaller country, it is jam-packed with natural beauty, a wide variety of things to do, and many entertainment options for travellers, making it difficult to choose where to go. We hope that by highlighting some of the best travel destinations to look forward to in Qatar, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach is a popular day trip location for residents and is ideal for beating the heat of the day. The water on this lengthy beach is warm, clean, and shallow, making it a great choice for families with young children. If you proceed past the first few meters of water, it’s a fantastic beach for swimming as well. Because of the breathtaking dawn view that can be had from the beach and the white, powdery sand, this is a very well-liked location for camping. Depending on your preferences, it can be preferable to go swimming and sunbathing in the morning or afternoon because the environment is really different at those times. The ideal time of day to come if you are searching for a family-friendly beach with less traffic is in the morning. However, in the afternoon, you’ll see young individuals in groups, loud music, and a joyous atmosphere.


The Future City of Qatar is Lusail. This master-planned, still-under-construction metropolis is quite futuristic, with stunning marinas, golf courses, and opulent houses, as well as a sizable shopping centre and amazing man-made islands. This neighborhood, which will eventually house over 200 thousand people, is situated 15 kilometers north of Doha and was crucial to the success of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. One of the key locations for the tournament is the impressive Lusail Stadium, which is located in Lusail. It is among the best in the nation because of it’s sophisticated technology, which includes a very complex sound and lighting system, shade mechanisms, and air conditioning. It also has a strong connection to Qatar’s culture and traditions, paying respect to the nation’s past with it’s striking design that draws inspiration from the country’s customary fanar lanterns and incorporates designs that have been etched on bowls and containers for ages.

The Pearl Qatar

The greatest shopping location is The Pearl Qatar. One of the most lavish spots you’ll visit in Qatar is this man-made island, which is known for it’s upscale restaurants, upscale shops, and 5-star hotels. Hugo Boss, Stella McCartney, Armani, Hermes, and Versace, are just a few of the world-famous brands you can buy at. You can also have a hearty meal or a cup of coffee at one of the waterfront cafés, and you can stroll down the promenade for breathtaking views. Don’t forget to look around the neighbourhoods to be astounded by it’s opulence. Include the Qanat Quartier in your agenda for Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, notably the stunning Venetian Bridge. Additionally, there are lovely public playgrounds where kids can amuse themselves for an entire afternoon.

The Corniche

The Doha Corniche is a very amazing waterfront promenade that stretches more than seven kilometres along Doha Bay. It perfectly captures the sparkling futurism and the traditional seascapes from which Qatari culture sprang, with vistas of the glittering metropolis on one side and the apparently endless lengths of the Arabian Gulf to the other. The Corniche, which round the whole bay, is popular with visitors and locals who use it as a place to exercise. Joggers, walkers, and cyclists use it often. The Doha Corniche is a terrific spot to unwind and get shelter from the sweltering Qatari heat because it is home to a large number of public parks and spaces.

Museum of Islamic Art

You can find more than 1,400 years’ worth of Islamic art and cultural items inside one of the city’s most spectacular structures, which is located at the southern end of the Doha Corniche. The Museum of Islamic Art, which draws inspiration from the past, present, and future, mixes more than a millennium of Islamic architecture and legacy with distinctive, modern designs that feature geometric patterns and opulent stylings. The John F. Kennedy Library, the Louvre Pyramid, and Hong Kong’s Bank of China Tower were all created by renowned architect I. M. Pei, who also created this monument. The cultural items you will find inside the museum itself will undoubtedly be some of the top sights you visit in Doha. The collection of art inside the museum spans three continents and dates from the seventh to the twentieth century. It’s collection includes local textiles, pottery, jewellery, metal, glass, and woodwork as well as rare Quranic manuscripts.

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