Best spots to enjoy rain view in Qatar

The rainy season in Qatar is beautiful and people are genuinely happy about it. You have come to the correct location if you enjoy the rain. You will be thinking about where to enjoy the rainy view. We have got you, so don’t worry. These are some of the top locations in Qatar to go to if you want to take in the scenery during the rainy season.


Stroll at Corniche

Take a leisurely stroll along the famed seven-kilometer crescent of the city, The Corniche with your family, friends, or just by yourself, and be drenched in Qatar’s infrequent showers. The hot tea or soup you can have later will be more satisfying. The Doha Corniche is a stunning promenade overlooking the tranquil coastline and is one of Doha’s most recognizable attractions. The Corniche, which has a crescent-shaped walkway encircling Doha Bay, provides the greatest views of the city’s contemporary skyline and serves as the focal point of events like the National Day celebrations and National Sports Day. Take a boat ride to take in the view of the beautiful city while watching the dhows illuminate the Corniche in the evenings as you stroll around the harbor.

Scenic view from restaurants

Doha is a city full of enormous, breathtaking views, and the city’s restaurants provide views that will make you forget your dining companions thanks to its towering skyscraper and vast shoreline. Dine while admiring the stunning views at some of Qatar’s restaurants. They are modern, opulent, and have an amazing view inside. From the architecture to the first-rate, in-depth service, the entire experience is remarkable. Get ready for some scrumptious treats and the tranquil vistas under the sky filled with twinkling stars as you relax on the rooftop terrace, which offers a stunning perspective of the cityscape and an open atmosphere. Watch the rain fall in Qatar while enjoying delectable nibbles and drinks from top-notch restaurants.

Enjoy shopping with rain at malls

Many of Qatar’s malls are dry and toasty inside, despite the fact that it can be raining and chilly outside. The world-class malls in Doha are great places to take the family. The larger malls offer a wide variety of high-end and luxury goods from all over the world, as well as a wide choice of recreational amenities. These consist of eating establishments, grocery stores, movie theatres, arcades, indoor play areas, ski resorts, and live entertainment. While you watch the rain gradually stop, go shopping with your family and friends and have a good time.

Have a thrill ride at theme parks

Don’t allow the dreary weather to deter you from going on a rollercoaster ride if you enjoy exhilarating rides and interesting environments. Following the nation’s quick expansion, fun-filled theme parks have appeared in Qatar, which today offers a wide variety of family-friendly options. Doha’s modern amusement parks join the traditional favorites in a coordinated effort to offer tons of entertaining options for families visiting the city. In Qatar, a number of theme and amusement parks, including Doha Quest, Snow Dunes, Angry Birds, KidZania Doha, Gondolania, and others, are open even when it rains.

Fun at the beach

While some people choose to visit the beach in the summer to soak up the sun and sand, others prefer to go in the winter or during a storm for a different experience. Even on wet days, you can have a good day at the beach. There are lots of things you can do even when the sun isn’t out. In Qatar, beach time is guaranteed whether it is winter or spring. There are so many public beaches where you can take advantage of the country’s rainy weather because they are perfect for a swim in the ocean.

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