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Climate change challenges require youth engagement

The Middle East and the Arab world are at the forefront of the climate emergency as they battle with the repercussions of climate change. The region’s young, who are inheriting historic climate issues, have emphasised the need of governments taking early and effective action and including the youth in policymaking.

Rewa Assi, Unicef MENA Youth Representative, stated on the sidelines of the ‘Regional Conference for the Arab Region and West Asia – Global Sustainable Development Report 2023’ organised by Qatar University that youth have the power to offer solutions. She went on to say that people must learn to adapt to these problems, but only if they are welcomed at the table. “The youth have the potential to be there on the roundtable to discuss these important challenges, whether it is climate change, water scarcity or sustainable development because they are at the forefront of being affected by this,” Assi said.

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