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Creative ecosystem boosted by art

During the last decade, public art has flourished in Qatar, becoming an avenue for conversations and discussions. Abdulrahman Al Ishaq, Director of Public Art at Qatar Museums, shared in a recent press conference that the art scene in Qatar will continue to thrive, contributing to the country’s creative ecosystem.

Each public artwork has a distinct message and concept that it aims to impart to the public. Al Ishaq said that this provides an opportunity for people to either adopt or challenge these ideas, creating a space for dialogue. Qatar has witnessed over 100 public artworks created by renowned Qatari, local, regional, and international artists in the last decade, transforming the country into an open-air art museum. These art pieces can be found all around Qatar, from downtown Doha to the outskirts of the city and even in the country’s deserts. The growth of public art in Qatar has led to a cultural transformation, encouraging people to explore and engage with the arts.

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