Doha – as Arab tourism capital 2023

One can find a wide variety of ways to have fun in this region of the world, from the best adventure sports and activities to some of the sites to visit in Qatar. In actuality, art, culture, and a variety of sightseeing delights are among Qatar’s most well-known attractions. This is a nation that has no bounds and consistently offers its guests the best services all year long.

Winning the title

Doha was named the Arab Tourism Capital for 2023 by the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism, which held its 25th session at the General Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt. Nayef Fayez, the minister of tourism and antiquities for Jordan, presided over the meeting together with other well-known Arab dignitaries. The administration of tourism, infrastructure and resources, safety and security, the variety of tourism activities, and the preservation and protection of the environment were some of the factors used to evaluate cities.

Increase in tourism due to World Cup 2022

The Arab Tourism Organization (ATO) stated in a statement that during November and December 2022, the hospitality industry in Qatar reached record results, with hotel occupancy rates ranging from 90% to 100%. The organization claimed that Qatar’s tourism industry experienced an unprecedented boom as a result of hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. It noted that the World Cup represented the largest promotional campaign because it was watched by more than five billion people worldwide and attracted more than one million tourists while it was taking place. West Bay Beach, Al Maha Island, and Lusail Boulevard are just a handful of the most recent tourist attractions that have opened in Qatar as the country due to the World Cup tournament. The goal of Qatar Tourism’s plan is to bring in six million tourists annually by 2030, concentrating on target markets and developing unique possibilities for a stopover and point-to-point travel. By the end of 2022, the number of tourist nights in the State of Qatar had increased by 243%, and the number of foreign visitors had increased by 251.1%. Due to convenient land transportation, the GCC nations were a part of the 38 percent rise in arrivals.

Visitors to Qatar above pre-pandemic levels last year

Approximately 180,000 people arrived in Qatar in October 2022, setting a six-year high, according to data analysis from Qatar Tourism. The expansion is primarily due to the abundance of events, new goods, and football passion. Over the course of last year, the number of visitors has steadily increased; according to the most current numbers for October, they are already about a third more than they were prior to the epidemic. More than a third of all international visitors to Qatar in October 2022 were from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), attracted by the destination’s attractions and kid-friendly activities. In October 2022, 66% of all visits were from outside the GCC, an increase of 10% over September. India, which contributed 13% of all arrivals from outside the GCC, the United Kingdom, 4%, and the United States made up the remaining countries. The majority of visitors flew, followed by 29% who traveled by land, and 1% who traveled by sea.

Role of Qatar Tourism

The goal of Qatar Tourism is to position Qatar as a destination where cultural authenticity and modernity coexist and where visitors from across the globe can come together to take advantage of the country’s distinctive offers in the fields of business, sports, family entertainment, and culture. Qatar Tourism will oversee and advance the travel and tourism sector while promoting private-sector investment. In order to expand the country’s tourist offers and boost visitor spending, it will establish the national plan for the tourism industry, evaluate it on a regular basis, and monitor its execution. Qatar Tourism is boosting the travel and tourism industry by establishing a global presence for Qatar through a network of offices in key markets and cutting-edge digital platforms.

ATO working with Qatar Tourism

The organization stated that it will collaborate with Qatar Tourism to promote Doha as the top regional and worldwide travel destination, particularly for Arab families, and that a schedule of year-round events and activities would be created. According to the organization, the availability of marine, desert, cultural, family-friendly entertainment, exposition and conference travel, and sports tourism distinguish Qatar from other countries. The organization added that naming Qatar the tourism capital will come as support to the inter-Arab tourism movement while highlighting the unique identity, traditions, cultures, and tourism destinations value of each chosen city and its role in assisting the Arab tourism industry.

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