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Doha Port hosts two cruise ships with over 5,000 tourists

Two cruise ships, the MSC World Europa and the Le Bougainville, arrived at the Doha Port today with a combined capacity of over 5,000 passengers and 2,185 crew members.

On its social media, Mwani Qatar posted this information along with the news that 1,000 more visitors will be joining the other travellers and staff boarding the MSC Europa from Doha for a variety of ports throughout the Arabian Gulf. In the 2022–23 cruise season, which runs through April of current year, this is both ships’ fifth visit. Le Bougainville, a ship operated by the French cruise line Ponant, located in Marseille, will fly the French flag while MSC World Europa, owned by the Swiss business MSC Cruises, will fly the Maltese flag. MSC World Europa, which is 333 metres long and can carry nearly 6,700 people, is longer than Le Bougainville, which is 131 metres long and can carry 294 passengers together with the crew.

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