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Engineering department at HMC arranges high school training

The Department of Corporate Engineering and Health Facilities Management at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) organised an awareness and training program for ninth and eleventh-grade students at Qatari preparatory and secondary schools.

The Academic Advising Department, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and HMC recently collaborated to organise the program. Nursing, medical engineering, ambulance service, safety and security, and anesthesiology were among the HMC departments that took part in the programme. At the event, Qatar University was also present. Numerous amenities at HMC were introduced to the program’s participants, including male and female students. An introductory lecture on the benefits of working in engineering and the nature of engineers’ and engineering technicians’ responsibilities in healthcare settings served as the program’s kickoff. Engineer Dhafi Rashid Al Marri, Executive Director of Corporate Engineering and Health Facilities Management at HMC, presented the lecture. All of the participating students were warmly welcomed by Engineer Al Marri, who urged them to take use of the program’s learning opportunities.

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