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Enjoy thrilling water attraction on Doha beaches

Aquaride Qatar has introduced a new attraction to Doha’s beaches – a sports car boat. The car, which can reach high speeds, is the first of its kind in Qatar and offers an exciting experience for tourists and locals alike. The car’s design is reminiscent of Ferrari and Chevrolet Corvette, and it can seat two people. There are no doors, and the driver and passenger enter the cockpit by climbing over the side. 

The car has passenger and driver seats, cup holders, and a 300 HP Supercharged engine with break and reverse systems. The controls are similar to those of a sports car, with a steering wheel and a pedal to accelerate. Nasser Mahmoud, the founder and CEO of Aquaride and also an actor, aims to bring more of these cars to Doha’s waters. The car cruises along the WestBay Beach to Grand Hyatt and the Lusail Marina.

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