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European and Asian buyers competing for Qatar’s LNG

The North Field development projects will begin producing LNG in 2026, and QatarEnergy is in advanced conversations with a number of European and Asian consumers for that LNG, according to H.E. Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, minister of state for energy affairs and president and chief executive officer of QatarEnergy.

Speaking at a press conference in conjunction with the signing of the contract for the North Field South project between QatarEnergy and Shell, Kaabi stated, “Some supply arrangements have already been finalised for the North Field expansion project.”

“There are lots of markets available for us. There is a big competition now between Europeans wanting to buy and Asians wanting to buy and we have discussions with all of them. Very soon we will announce big contracts either from Asia or from Europe,” Kaabi said

The first LNG exports from Qatar’s North Field East LNG expansion project, which will cost close to $30 billion, are scheduled to arrive in 2026. The first shipment from Qatar’s North Field South is anticipated to depart in 2027.

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