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Facts about the new 22 riyals FIFA note

Qatar is proud to be hosting FIFA 2022 world cup matches. They have been involved in developing the country and introducing exciting stuff so that tourists and players can have a memorable time. An impact of this has also occurred on Qatar money. The country unveiled a 22-riyal banknote therefore adding a new as well as rare denomination to the already present riyal notes. They introduced this note to commemorate the prestigious FIFA World Cup 2022.

The following are some facts to know about the 22 riyals Doha currency:

Features of the note


The note is a commemorative banknote. It is made using polymer. You can get it in a gold, brown, green along with white color scheme.

When it comes to the obverse side, this has Al Bayt Stadium, a Dhow sailing ship as well as Al Zubara Fort. The center of the note has the Qatar 2022 logo along with a world map behind it. The 22 riyal Doha Qatar currency has a cursive text that says “Qatar Central Bank Twenty Two Riyals”.

In the clear window is the world cup trophy which is the security device. The reserve allows one to view an image of Lusail Stadium, Doha skyline plus older buildings.

Within the center you will see the Qatari coat of arms and also the Qatar 2022 that is same as in the front.

How to get the note

If you want to get the Qatar currency, this is possible to do for everyone who wants to acquire it. This is also to visitors who are coming into the country. You can get it from currency exchange offices as well as banks.

Cost of the note

The cost of the 22 riyals Doha currency is 75 riyals. Despite this, it will retain legal tender face value that will be of 22 riyals. The commemorative note along with coins will have legal force when it comes to nominal value plus specifications.

Why 22 riyals?

Some may be wondering why did they introduce a strange denomination. This tends to be a homage to the 22nd FIFA World Cup that coincidentally is happening in 2022. This is why 22 riyals has been introduced.

Other currency introduced

Other Doha Qatar currency introduced with the 22-riyal note includes coins that have the FIFA as well as the World Cup logos. The new currency has been launched with FIFA as well as the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. They all aim to be memorable and provide visitors with something that they can remember the World Cup 2022 with.

Qatar will be remembered for being able to create a truly world-class experience that fans and players can enjoy. The stadiums are said to be state-of-the-art and provide a unique ability to experience the matches at their finest. Qatar is also the first Middle Eastern country that is hosting the tournament. Apart from introducing the 22-riyal, the country is doing stuff in other areas so that the world cup in Qatar will be memorable.

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