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‘Fadaa 33’ activities at Qatar University

The Communications and Public Relations Department at Qatar University hosted its first-of-its-kind winter event called Fadaa 33 for the second week, offering various activities for both the university community and the public. Qatar University’s Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) participated in the event, where three research teams showcased the role of science and technology in society.

Dr. Abdul Shakoor and Dr. Noora Al Qahtani led the first team, which presented their research on synthesising and characterizing advanced materials for various applications, including creating innovative materials to power interactive gadgets. Dr. Dong Suk Han, the Research Associate Professor at CAM, led the second team, which demonstrated a cutting-edge process for concentrating fruit juice without the use of temperature and pressure. Finally, Dr. Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni led the third team, which introduced thought-provoking and interactive activities, such as a prototype multicycle that produces continuous bubbles and converts seawater into drinking water. The CAM team’s participation in Fadaa 33 highlighted the importance of science and its practical applications in daily life.

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