Famous Bangladeshi foods to have in Qatar

One of Asia’s most amazing cuisines is Bangladeshi food, which is bursting with flavor, spice, and hypnotic taste. The cuisine of this lovely nation, which is characterized by its tropical geography and wide range of influences roils with richness, spices, and aromatic attributes. As we delve deeper into Bangladeshi foods here are some of the most well-known foods in the nation.

Kacchi Biriyani

South Asian food will not be complete without biryani. Those of you who are familiar with this meal can already be aware of a few variations made in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Kacchi translates to raw in English. The meat used in this dish is first marinated with spices and placed in the bottom of the cooking pot uncooked, in contrast to the majority of other varieties of Biriyani. Before the meat and rice are cooked together, the rice is first rinsed and spiced before being put on top. Potato is occasionally added to the mixture to give the meal more substance. Kacchi Biriyani is frequently consumed on non-special occasions and is consumed all year round. Make sure to get a plate if you are traveling to Bangladesh.

Mushur Dal

Another component of Bangladeshi food is dal. Because of their high protein content, lentils go well with rice or rotis. To prepare dal, there are two methods. One has a somewhat soupier consistency, while the other is thicker and more like porridge. This meal gets a boost of freshness from the coriander. Local cuisines also improve the recipe by tangily flavoring the soup with dried fruits like jujubes and raw mangoes.

Fish Curry

Fish and rice are abundant in Bangladesh. Traditionally, a freshwater fish from the family of carps is used to prepare this dish. White fish chunks and daikon radish chunks are cooked together in a mildly spicy sauce that begs to be sopped up with fluffy white rice. A common vegetable used in meat, seafood, and vegetarian meals, daikon is known as moola in Bengali. This vegetable’s subtly sweet flavor complements the light flavor of white fish beautifully. The coriander that was added at the very end adds freshness, and the jhol or gravy is light and mildly spicy. Since fish and daikon are the stars of the meal, boiling white rice is a requirement for most main or curry dishes in Bangladesh. The dish is perfectly finished with a squeeze of lime, particularly Bangladeshi lime, which is very aromatic and has a knobbly green peel and is sold at Asian grocery stores.


Bhortas are consumed as a starter in homes all over Bangladesh. Vegetables or occasionally fish are mashed and combined with a variety of spices to make bhortas. The most popular Bhortas are made from green bananas, potatoes, eggplants, beans, and pumpkins. In Chattogram, Sylhet, Khulna, and other areas of the nation, dry fish Bhorta, also known as Shutki Bhorta, is a favorite dish. You can always try different Bhortas made from Taki fish or shrimp if you can’t handle the overpowering scent of dry fish. People who are curious about food also enjoy Egg Bhortas. When combined with flavorful spices and herbs, eggs from chicken, duck, and fish all produce fantastic Bhortas.

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