Famous cheat meals to maintain fitness goals

Dieters sometimes break up their rigorous eating habits with cheat meals. The idea behind these cheats is to eat healthily for the majority of the week, engage in physical activity, and then treat yourself to something you really want to eat. The body speeds up metabolism after a cheat meal, causing you to burn calories more quickly. To practise and perform at their best, sports professionals must carefully control their meals. Even elite athletes, though, are permitted the occasional pleasure. Shared are the cheat meals of some of our Qatari athletes.


Hot Dog

Due to its delicious and full nature, the Hot Dog, also known as the frankfurter or wiener, or sausage, is debatable but likely of German origin. Like how different recipes produce extremely diverse tastes and textures in cakes, different Hot Dog recipes also result in very different tastes and textures in humans. Spices, flavorings, preservatives, binders, and additives are just a few of the numerous components that are needed for various recipes of this food item to achieve its flavor and texture.

Umm Ali

The name Umm Ali is given to this sumptuous, traditional Egyptian bread pudding. A combination of sweet cream and milk and a variety of almonds, raisins, and coconut are covered with crisp puff pastry. It is a dish that’s perfect for a group. For extra substance, you may prepare this recipe with croissants or puff pastry. Some historical accounts claim that it was named after an Egyptian Sultan. When you add the crispy exterior, the sweet bursts from the raisins, and the crunchy nuts, it becomes even more delectable. It also has a pudding-like texture that is similar to milk.


A common rice dish from the Arabian Gulf made with either lamb or chicken is called chicken Machboos. Arabic for “pressed” is Machboos or Kabsa. From region to region, there are slight differences. Using whole spices and cooking the meat in the broth or sauce for the rice to intensify the flavour are still common practices. In terms of cooking techniques, ingredients, level of spice, and assembly, Machboos is comparable to Biryani and Kabsa. A family will enjoy this hearty, flavorful dinner. Everyone has their own preferred method of preparation, but the combination of fluffy, aromatic basmati rice, oven-crisped chicken, and roasted almonds is just divine. Finding the spices is quite simple, and not using a pre-made spice blend provides you the freedom to customize the dish to your tastes.

Chicken Sandwich

There are countless options when it comes to Chicken Sandwich recipes. Chicken is a moderate yet juicy protein that goes well with both fruity and spicy dishes as well as creamy ones. The chicken is very versatile and goes great with virtually anything. It also makes an excellent, simple, and affordable sandwich filler. So whether you need to use up some leftover chicken or you just want something delicious and filling. A boneless, skinless chicken breast or thigh is generally served in a Chicken Sandwich between pieces of bread, on a bun, or a roll. The chicken burger, chicken on bread, hot chicken, and chicken salad sandwich are all variations on the Chicken Sandwich. With such hearty food, nothing can go wrong and you can keep adding ingredients.

Fried Potatoes

Fried Potatoes are simply potatoes that have been deep-cooked or fried in hot cooking oil, sometimes with the addition of salt and other seasonings. Fried potatoes can be a stand-alone meal or a component of other dishes. They are frequently provided as a side dish. The ideal side dish for any main course, these little potatoes are prepared with flavorful oregano, garlic, and chili before being fried till crisp. The superior alternative to French fries is these creamy and crispy bubble potato pillows. Cooking potatoes, especially little ones, is so simpler than you may imagine. Regular potatoes can always be transformed into something tasty and cool. This basic veggie may be transformed into anything from fries and nuggets to potatoes.

Chocolate Cake

You might not think that things like Chocolate Cake belong in your diet. However, scheduling a cheat day when you indulge in your favourite sweets might help you fight the bulge. Chocolate cakes are the ideal cheat day treat because they are rich, silky, and filled with powerful chocolate flavour in every bite. You won’t even need to plan your cheat day that far in advance because they can be devoured quickly and is enough to not wreck all your efforts and large enough to satisfy even the biggest cravings.

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