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Final tests for ‘Al Meera Smart’ completed

The first totally autonomous checkout-free store in Qatar, called Al Meera Smart, is about to open at Aspire Park after Al Meera Consumer Goods Company successfully completed its last test run.

The soon-to-be-opened pilot smart shop is a reflection of Al Meera’s thorough expansion strategy and ongoing digital transformation strategy as it seeks to guarantee that Qataris and residents enjoy simple access to hassle-free shopping thanks to contemporary technology and the most up-to-date cashless payment solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which will ultimately be used in other places across Al Meera’s expanding network in Qatar, powers the first Al Meera Smart shop. It will be prepared to provide rapid and self-service services to clients, offering snacks, drinks, grab-and-go meals, and other essential commodities backed by a cashier-less procedure. The frictionless smart store tracks consumers from the moment they enter until they leave using a network of cameras and sensors, accelerating the purchase process to make shopping faster, easier, less stressful, and more fun.

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