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Government to improve food production system

According to an official, the Ministry of Municipality has signed a contract to introduce a “Farmers Digital Platform” to boost the effectiveness of the nation’s food production system and guarantee food security.

All food security-related data will be gathered and combined by the platform into a single digital dashboard that decision-makers in Qatar can use to develop data-driven policies and actions. Yousef Khalid Al Khulaifi, Director of Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality, stated that, “An agreement was signed recently to launch the project.” According to him, the initiative intends to gather information on regional food producers, including dairy, poultry, and agricultural farms, as well as food goods that are both imported and locally produced and are auctioned and sold in regional markets. At present, he said, data are being collected but under different platforms. “The new project will provide all necessary data under one platform because a decision maker needs complete data including figures and indicators for taking any important decision.”

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