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Hayya Card fans excited to revisit Qatar

The news by the Ministry of Interior to extend the Hayya Card’s validity for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 supporters and organisers has made many people happy as they prepare to return to the nation without problem.

Visitors and locals applauded the decision, seeing it as a chance to visit with friends and family and discover Qatar. For fans and organisers, the Ministry on Monday announced an extension of the Hayya Card’s validity, allowing holders from other countries to enter Qatar through January 24, 2024. The “Hayya with Me” feature, which enables Hayya Card users to invite up to three family members or friends, a multiple-entry visa to the nation, use of the e-Gate system for entrance and exit via State ports, and no payments are necessary are available to all Hayya Card holders visiting Qatar. A confirmed hotel reservation or proof of lodging with relatives or friends recognised through the Hayya site are among the requirements for Hayya Card users during the visit. Health insurance, which is needed for all visitors beginning today, February 1, is another requirement.

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