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HMC cautions against open sunroofs when travelling

The Hamad Injury Prevention Program (HIPP) at Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Hamad Trauma Center is cautioning families not to travel with passengers, especially children, in an open sunroof or window. More than one million visitors and locals are expected to celebrate the matches during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM 

The expert in safety claims ‘Do not drive with your windows completely open, allowing unrestrained children to extend their hands/arms and head outside of the vehicle, and do not allow children to ride in open sunroofs while the vehicle is moving’.

Dr. Rafael Consunji, Director of the HIPP, the community outreach arm of HMC’s Hamad Trauma Center says, “Its important for parents and families to remember that one of the most important things they can teach and demonstrate to their children is the consistent use of a seatbelt or size-appropriate car seat, on every journey, no matter how short or at what speed. Oftentimes, it is the sudden and unexpected behavior of other motorists that can transform a routine journey into a nightmare experience. Whether or not a passenger is restrained properly will dictate whether they will be injured, or even die, as a result of a car crash.”

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