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HMC’s Tobacco Control Center warns against electronic cigarettes

The Tobacco Control Center of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has issued a warning against the use of electronic cigarettes and hookahs. Law No. 10, passed in 2016, makes it unlawful to advertise and sell certain things in Qatar.

Smoke from electronic cigarette usage contains hazardous and chemical compounds, according to Dr. Ahmad Al Mulla, Senior Consultant for Disease Control and Director of HMC’s Tobacco Control Center. Dr. Al Mulla stated that electronic cigarette use is not a substitute for quitting smoking, does not have any scientific backing, and has not been certified as a smoking cessation tool by the US Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Al Mulla said, “Allowing electronic cigarette smoking in some countries resulted in negative consequences such as an increased prevalence of smoking in the community especially among younger age groups.” The Tobacco Control Center at HMC is still keeping an eye on international studies, research, and experiences with this kind of smoking. Dr. Al Mulla cites research from the HMC Tobacco Control Center that indicates that about 11% of tobacco consumers in Qatar use electronic cigarettes.

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