How to spend a luxury holiday in Qatar

The country of Qatar is flourishing as it stealthily transforms into the favorite vacation spot. Qatar has quickly developed into the richest nation in the world, yet its rich history hasn’t been lost. Most of Qatar’s bustle is concentrated in its attractive capital, Doha, which blends the Bedouin heritage of the nation with a ton of contemporary glitz. While the shops and cutting-edge skyscrapers rise over the Arabian Gulf, the nation’s culture is preserved through heritage souqs and the interesting Museum of Islamic Art. If you are travelling to Qatar and want to experience ultimate luxury, we have put together a list of locations to stay as well as activities to do.


Breathtaking architecture and art

Qatar has a feature that its neighbours lack—a desert that meets the sea—even though it is best known for its wellness spas, posh restaurants, and upscale architecture. Private tours of this fascinating nation would do well to experience its vibrant arts scene, which includes what is on display at the mesmerising Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, which has hosted everything from enormous Takashi Murakami fur sculptures to intricately arranged collections of Safavid and Mughal era calligraphic compositions. A work of art in and of itself is the view of the sea that can be seen from the entryway.

The pinnacle of fine hospitalities

The luxuriously outfitted and ultra-modern hotels in Qatar are widely regarded for providing all the wellness and spa amenities one could need, as well as serving as a launching pad for exploring this developing city. They are a prime example; it is sleek, refined, and beautifully completed. At the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, which features overwater villas designed in the manner of the South Pacific, excellent dining options, and floating lunches served in the pool, you can stay on a private island in a bay. Or, get pampered at the opulent Marsa Malaz Kempinski, which offers a private beach, a sumptuous spa, and exclusive tours of Doha in its fleet of high-end vehicles. Sharq Town & Spa, a Ritz Carlton hotel at the opposite end of the 4.5-mile bayside promenade known as the Corniche, gives you the impression that you are staying in a small village by the sea with plenty of traditional and cultural features, all in complete seclusion and luxury. The Four Seasons Hotel Doha is one of the best luxury hotel brands as well.

A day among the dunes

Travelers have always been interested in taking desert safaris out into the huge, untouched desert. Discover the breathtaking desert environment as sand dunes crash into the Inland Sea’s blue waves. Through the stunning sand dunes and to Khor Al Adaid, a sizable tidal embayment known for its remarkable natural heritage value, skilled desert drivers will take you on an excursion. You will get the chance to take in the stunning desert scenery, explore the imposing Sheraton Dune, and awe at the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea.

Discover finest restaurants

Doha is home to a dizzying array of renowned eateries serving the greatest regional specialties as well as international cuisine. Nobu is known for its outstanding cuisine and fantastic Friday brunch, but it also has a great location on a small island that is connected to the Four Seasons hotel by a causeway. In the eccentric Mondrian Hotel, Masaharu Morimoto’s first eatery in the Middle East, simply referred to as Morimoto, provides exquisite Japanese cuisine, including butter-soft tuna nigiri. The dim sum dish at the must-visit Hakkasan restaurant at the St Regis Hotel has steamed dumplings. While the local cuisine is excellent, you should also sample some of the finest Middle Eastern dishes while visiting Qatar. Al Sufra at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski is the place to go for it.

Ultimate shopping experience

Shopping is a hugely popular pastime in Qatar. Its malls are a reflection of both the desire to indulge in some serious shopping as well as the need for shade from the heat. Begin by visiting the historic Souq Waqif, which features a variety of cafes, restaurants, and booths that resemble a bazaar and offer everything from traditional incense to plush camels. Check out Villaggio Mall for its Venetian canals and upscale brands after the cultural immersion, Al Hazm, which resembles the great Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, or the spectacular Mall of Qatar with its Singapore-inspired interior garden.

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