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Innovative practices sought by educators for classrooms

Educators based in Qatar aim to incorporate effective innovative education solutions from different parts of the world into classrooms. They have recognized the potential of new teaching and learning practices incorporated by 2022 WISE Awards winners to be ideal for implementation in schools across Qatar. During Qatar Foundation’s World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Doha Learning Days Festival, a masterclass was presented by the winners in February, which featured informal, experiential learning experiences. The masterclass highlighted the importance of educational leadership in supporting equitable and inclusive education, and also provided a glimpse into discussions that will take place at the global WISE summit in Doha from November 28 to 29.

WISE’s six winning projects showcase expertise and strong educational practices, providing a growing resource that WISE can support and promote. By backing these models, WISE is building a network of recognized change-makers in education. The masterclass demonstrated how their “local” innovations have the potential to be adapted to various contexts, contributing to a global transformation in education.

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