Interesting facts about Education City

As opposed to any other location in Qatar, Education City is home to start-up incubators, technological parks, historic sites, cultural institutions, branch campuses of some of the top educational institutions in the world, a domestic research university, and much more.


Golf Club

It is one of Qatar’s notable construction projects and the nation’s most magnificent golf course. José Mara Olazábal created the Educational City Golf Club, which features three golf courses: an 18-hole championship course, a 6-hole floodlit championship course, and a 9-hole floodlit par 3 course. The 18-hole championship course is the best-kept of the three and is highly known throughout the nation for hosting the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters and the European Tour. The golf course in Qatar Education City has to practice areas, Gold Academy, rental facilities, and other amenities for educational purposes.

VCUQ Gallery

One of the top places to visit in Education City Doha to see social, economic, and environmental growth is the VCUQ Gallery. The gallery seeks to promote the overall development of designers and artists for the solid economic foundation of a community. One of the greatest venues to explore and comprehend the variety of research, along with initiatives connected to community participation and learning, is the VCUQ Gallery Qatar, which offers a lively atmosphere and a multicultural setting. Discover the rarest items and a sizable collection of manuscripts, book art, medicinal artefacts, and more at this important site in Education City. While the VCU Libraries are back available for any research, exhibitions are being arranged for better comprehension.

Arab Museum of Modern Art

Visit the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art to see works of modern and contemporary art created by the best artists in the world. The Museum, which opened its doors in 2010, is located in Education City and welcomes art enthusiasts to learn about modern works of art from nations including Turkey, North America, Asia, and Iran. It all began in 1990 when H.E. Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani set out on a mission to gather magnificent works of art from all around the world. More than 9,000 works of art are now on display in the museum for guests. The Arab Museum of Modern Art hosts exhibits by individual artists or ensembles together with Doha educational activities and historical excursions.

Education City Stadium

During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, the Education City Stadium is prepared to receive football fans who want to support their side. The stadium is the newest attraction in Education City Doha, Qatar, and is well situated there among the greatest colleges and campuses. The stadium’s seating capacity has been increased by 40,000 for the time being. This will be decreased in the long run to 25,000, which will be utilized by the university teams following the FIFA tournament. With an efficient transit system, the stadium is located closer to important locations like Bahrain and the Hamad International airport. The stadium is easily accessible and is a key landmark of the city.

Qatar Foundation

With the improvement of the educational system, Qatar Foundation has reorganized the nation’s future for the good of each individual. The Qatar Foundation, often known as the Q.F., is an NGO that works in the fields of research, education, and development. The Qatar Foundation has been arranging or establishing cutting-edge youth activities and educational initiatives for children. The Doha Education Center’s foundation has worked with a number of top educational universities, community centers, scholastic centers, and other locally developed institutional grounds. The education city is actively participating in providing a greater platform for innovative session with students across many universities and the Pre-University Education Network. The Foundation shares ownership of many of the nation’s top tourist destinations, including those that provide vocational training, offer cultural or historical tours, and more.

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