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Jupiter, Venus meet in Qatar sky tomorrow

The Qatar Calendar House has recently announced that the two brightest planets in our solar system, Venus and Jupiter, will appear next to each other in the Qatar sky tomorrow night. During this phenomenon, known as a conjunction, the angular distance between the two planets will be approximately one arc degree, despite actually being 600 million kilometers or 400 million miles apart.

To witness this awe-inspiring spectacle in the sky, the public can attend an event organized by Astrophotographer Ajith Everester of Everester Observatory. Conjunctions occur regularly in our solar system because the planets orbit around the Sun in the same plane, the ecliptic plane, and trace similar paths across our sky, according to NASA.

While the conjunction should be visible to the naked eye under clear skies, using binoculars or a telescope will enhance the experience. Those interested in participating in Everester’s event may contact the Everester Observatory at 5548 2045, with only the first 50 people accommodated.

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