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Katara hosts reception for Tunisian reaching Qatar on foot

The Cultural Village Foundation in Katara continues to hold several cultural and creative events and draws a sizable crowd of people from many different nations, including World Cup supporters, citizens, and locals.

Khalil Dridi, a Tunisian adventurer who travelled to Qatar from Tunisia on foot in celebration of Qatar hosting the World Cup for the first time in Arab history, received a warm welcome during the Tunisian Cultural Days events on Friday in the yard of Building 39.

He travelled for about two months and encountered several challenges, all of which he overcame to safely arrive in Qatar. Along with guests from other countries who expressed their joy at meeting Dridi, a sizable contingent of Tunisians attended the occasion. Abdelbaset Hilali, the chairman of the Tunisian Community Council, lauded Dridi’s efforts to confirm Qatar and Tunisia’s friendship and collaboration while bringing a lovely Tunisian touch to the World Cup 2022 celebrations. He said, “We did not find anything better than the Katara Cultural Village to welcome Khalil Dridi, not only because of the presence of a corner for Tunisian activities but also because of the symbolism of the Katara Cultural Village as a place where everyone meets.”

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