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Katara previews over 1,200 horse stamps

The Arab Postal Stamps Museum’s Building 22 now hosts the horse stamp exhibit. A Kuwaiti stamp collector and his colleague were displaying their collection, which comprises more than 1,200 stamps and fills more than half of the space.

Together with fellow Kuwaiti Dr. Abdulrahman Alfaifi, the two of them are among the five collectors showing stamps from the GCC, Asia, Latin America, the UK, and other regions. Dr. Essa Yahya Dashti stated this is their first time exhibiting in the nation. Dr. Dashti, who is a board member and the general secretary of the Kuwait Philatelic Society, started this sort of interest back in 1999. Over the years, he has displayed his collection in several countries. Postage stamps are divided into four primary parts: the image, perforations (small holes around the frame), denomination, and country name. A stamp is more than just a little piece of paper; it chronicles the achievements and history of a country.

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