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Media students to be empowered at QU, QMC

Yesterday at Qatar University (QU), Dr. Hassan Al Derham, president of Qatar University, and HE Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Thani Al Thani, CEO of Qatar Media Corporation (QMC), opened a coordination meeting to empower media students and graduates.

Officials from various national media institutions attended the meeting, which was organised by QU’s media department in collaboration with Qatar Media Corporation with the aim of enhancing student abilities, developing their skills, and opening the doors of training and employment opportunities for them. Leaders from the media and press institutions spoke at the conference about their goals for the journalist’s character and the skills needed to keep up with ongoing changes in the media landscape. Additionally, they talked about how to support graduates and students in the media, empower them, and expand training and job possibilities in the nation’s public relations and strategic communication departments.

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