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Messi is keeping the bisht in Barcelona home

Argentine captain Lionel Messi discussed what happened to the legendary golden shirt he wore when La Albiceleste won the FIFA World Cup in December of last year in Qatar.

When asked what mementos he had retained from the World Cup Final in an interview with the Argentine Ole magazine, The 35-year-old football player said to Ole, “I have everything—the boots, the t-shirts, the cape (bisht).”

Messi’s Artistic Legacy: Keeping the Bisht in Barcelona Home


In the heart of Barcelona, where football and art intertwine, the maestro Lionel Messi is a legend on the pitch and a muse for the talented artist Al Annabi. Messi’s mesmerizing performances have inspired Annabi to create a unique masterpiece, symbolizing the fusion of football and artistry. This artistic endeavour is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a celebration of Messi’s profound impact on the culture and spirit of Barcelona.

As Messi continues to weave his magic on the football field, Al Annabi, with his skilful brushstrokes, captures the essence of the iconic player in a bisht—a traditional Arabic cloak—adorned with the vibrant colours of Barcelona. The artwork becomes a testament to Messi’s enduring influence, a symbol that transcends geographical boundaries and resonates with fans globally.

The Bisht, draped over Messi’s shoulders in the artwork, becomes a symbolic link between his Argentine roots and the cherished home he has found in Barcelona. Through this artistic expression, Al Annabi encapsulates the symbiotic relationship between Messi and the city, preserving the magic of the football legend in the vibrant brushstrokes of his canvas.

Messi also said he will move his World Cup memorabilia, including the bisht, from the Argentine Football Federation’s (AFA) storage facility to his Barcelona home in March since he had “many things and many memories” there. Moments before hoisting the prized World Cup trophy, Argentina’s captain Messi was presented with the golden bisht by HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, creating the tournament’s most recognizable picture.

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