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MIA Park Hills hosts three-day Qatar Kite Festival starting from March 16th

The 2023 Qatar Kite Festival is set to take off from Thursday, March 16 to 18, 2023 at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park Hills, showcasing an exciting collection of kites with unique patterns from various countries. Safe Flight Solutions, the festival organizer, announced that 40 kite flyers from around the world will be participating in the event. 

These kite flyers hail from Germany, Thailand, Turkey, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and United States, and will be flying multiple kites throughout the three-day celebration. This marks the first edition of the Qatar Kite Festival organized by Safe Flight Solutions, although similar kite festivals have been held in the country for years. The kites will also light up the night sky with their LED characteristics every night. Kite troupes and professional kite flyers will showcase their traditional and modern kites during the event.

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