New public art installations to check out in Qatar

The artistically created public artworks that comprise Qatar’s evolving environment stand out among the dazzling high rises and traditional buildings. In order to depict the fusion of the nation’s origins with modern time as the clock winds down for the largest athletic event of the year, prominent international artists’ pieces have been put in strategic locations. We act as an art compass to analyse ten substantial installations spread over the most populated parts of the nation among the numerous public artworks in Doha.


Takashi Murakami

Visitors to the Place Vendome Mall may get a close-up view of Takashi Murakami thanks to a sizable life-like balloon sculpture of him there. A modern artist from Japan is named Takashi Murakami. He works in both fine arts and commercial media, including fashion, merchandise, and animation. He is renowned for blurring the lines between high and low arts as well as the co-aesthetic features of the Japanese artistic tradition and the nature of postwar Japanese culture and society.

Doha Mountains

The public artwork Doha Mountains by Rondinone, which was inspired by the colours of the Olympic Rings to highlight Qatar’s commitment to the Olympic Values of excellence, friendship, and respect, was formally unveiled close to the 974 Stadium. One of the 40 installations that make up Qatar’s commitment to public art are Rondinone’s Doha Mountains, and more pieces added in preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. The masterpiece not only demonstrates the significant role that sport plays in the nation’s development, but it also leaves behind a lasting legacy that will serve as a benchmark for a city as it realises its dream of hosting the best international sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup in 2022TM and the planned hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Gigantic Dugong

The Corniche now features a massive dugong public art installation that attracts the attention of nearby onlookers. A large sculpture by renowned American artist Jeff Koons called Dugong, which is constructed of polychrome mirror-polished stainless steel, has just been added to Qatar’s public art landscape. The shimmering work of public art features a dugong perched above seagrass and a wave. It is currently situated at Al Masrah Park in Corniche and measures 21 metres in height and 31 metres in width. Dugongs, also referred to as sea cows, are marine mammals that have lived in the waters off the country’s peninsula for countless years.


Egal, a piece of cultural headdress worn by men as part of the national clothing, is a tribute to Qatar’s history and traditions and can be found at the Lusail Marina Promenade. The ghitra, a square scarf, is generally worn underneath the egal. The egal is held in an elevated position as a sign of respect and gratitude to Qatar’s government, people, and inhabitants for maintaining their composure during the blockade that started on June 5, 2017. The artist emphasises the several generations that endured the blockade by varying the heights of each egal. It is made by a modern artist from Qatar, Shouq Al Mana who focuses on culture and identity in her work, which is informed by her interest in fusing elements from the past and present.

The Promise

Popular and well-known artist Kaws produces this stunning sculpture that symbolises the commitment made by the older age to the younger generation to protect the earth and all of its beauty. It is a pledge that, via arts and culture, humanity will be empowered and educated to create bridges of communication beyond cultural and geographic boundaries.

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