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New Qatar National Food Security Strategy ponders to escalate food production

According to a senior official, the Qatar National Food Security Strategy 2023-30, which is considering extending the strategic food reserve period and setting new goals of self-sufficiency in food production to address emerging challenges in the way of ensuring food security, will be unveiled in March.

“Now we are developing a new strategy as the existing strategy has ended. Food Security Strategy 2023-30 will be issued in March 2023 with complete data following the targets during coming years,” said the Director of the Food Security Department at the Ministry of Municipality Dr. Masoud Jarallah Al Marri. He recently stated in an interview with Qatar TV that the new approach will concentrate on fresh problems in light of the scenario. In the previous plan, growing local food production and maintaining a strategic food reserve were given major priority. “Now we have successfully achieved self-sufficiency at certain levels in food production and ensured strategic food reserve so now the situation is different from those in 2017 when the first strategy was launched,” said Al Marri.

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