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Next-generation Wi-Fi at Hamad International Airport

In order to further improve the traveller experience at the airport, Hamad International Airport has announced the rollout of next-generation Wi-Fi across its state-of-the-art terminal, powered by Cisco technology. Passengers travelling through Qatar will have access to widespread high-speed connection, making it simple to communicate with loved ones, friends, and business associates.

In-depth design studies were conducted to create seamless Wi-Fi coverage from the terminal’s curbside to the aircraft, as well as to provide enough capacity and speed to satisfy and even surpass the expectations of our passengers. Particular focus was given to the parts of the terminal where a large number of passengers spend a lot of time, such the boarding gates, shopping sections, and food courts. In order to meet the demands of an expanded passenger flow in Qatar during the next years, Hamad International Airport has implemented Cisco Wireless technology, including inside and outdoor WiFi6.


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