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Now print Qatar 2022 souvenir tickets

For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, mobile ticket holders now have the option to purchase a physical, personalised match ticket.

The website now allows you to print the memento tickets. An original ticket buyer can receive souvenir tickets for the game(s) they attended with guests using their mobile tickets. Customers who want to acquire souvenir tickets for themselves and their guests for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 can go to and log in to their FIFA Ticketing account.

FIFA included a warning to the effect that this is the sole way to purchase souvenir tickets. Additionally, it said that visitors were not permitted to buy straight souvenir tickets. Each souvenir ticket costs ten (10) QAR, and one application number will print all of the tickets included inside it. The total cost is determined by multiplying the number of tickets with the same application number by ten (10) QAR. For instance, all six tickets would be produced if the original ticket buyer had requested six tickets inside a specific ticket application (one for themselves and five for visitors). The price in this instance would be sixty (60) QAR. Tickets for souvenirs will be sent by standard mail to the address listed in your FIFA ticketing account.

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