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Panda House Park to be a prominent tourism spot

With the addition of other attractions, the Ministry of Municipality hopes to turn Panda House Park into a well-known international tourist destination.

“A worldwide campaign will be launched in coordination with Qatar Tourism and Qatar Airways to introduce the Panda House Park, a 120,000sqm state-of-the-art facility in Al Khor, housing two giant pandas ‘Thuraya’ and ‘Suhail’,” said Director of the Public Parks Department, Eng. Mohammed Ali Al Khori. He recently stated in an interview with Qatar TV that the park will receive numerous additional additions. Details, he indicated, would be revealed later. Al Khori claimed that Panda House Park draws 1,700 people per day when reservations are made in advance via the Oun app of the Ministry of Municipality. “The two giant pandas came from China under an agreement between Qatar and China, making Qatar the first such country in the Middle East. This is one of 20 such agreements signed by China with other countries,” said Al Khori. The largest park of its sort in the world, according to him, is Panda House Park in Al Khor. It contains a pond and climbing areas to provide the couple a setting resembling a natural habitat.

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