Places to visit in Al Khor Qatar

Al Khor, a city with a history older than that of the capital Doha and located in the northern part of Qatar, has a number of beautiful spots that draw tourists from all over the world. There are many sites to see in Al Khor that visitors can discover throughout their stay, from the best beaches to the nicest parks and much more. In fact, fishing was once the main source of income in Al Khor. This is a land that has it all and is yet mostly untouched by international travellers, with cultural attractions, natural areas, and several lovely locations for travellers to see.


Al Khor Family Park and Zoo

Al Khor Family Park and Zoo, which is the oldest, occupies a space of over 240,000 square metres. The location was refurbished by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, and it was then made open to visitors and residents as a zoo. It is more than just a zoo; it is a place where family members can spend the entire day. The zoo has a beautiful appearance because of its many eateries, mosques, and fountains. Visitors to the zoo should investigate the habits and habitat of the amazing wild animals and let their children enjoy playing activities and experiencing thrilling rides. Either go to the amphitheater or enjoy skating at the park’s skating area. Al Khor Park did, in fact, undergo refurbishment for almost six years, and it has since gained popularity to rank among the top attractions in Al Khor.

Al Khor Museum

One of the primary tourist attractions in Al Khor is the two-story refurbished Al Khor Museum, which is located a few kilometres north of Doha along the Corniche. On the bottom floor, there are sections dedicated to anthropology, marine and land life, as well as traditional fishing, diving, and shipbuilding. On the first floor, excavation discoveries and artifacts from ancient businesses that produced colours from seashells are shown. Geological maps also highlight the changes Qatar has undergone over the past 120,000 years. Perfect views of the bay and little harbour are provided by visitors to the museum. People will want to spend all day visiting the museum because there is so much to learn and see.


The Purple Island

One of the unusual tourist destinations in Qatar that visitors should definitely think about visiting is Purple Island. The area is known for its calm surroundings and is a destination where visitors may take in the best views of mangroves and other natural splendour. All bird watchers have the opportunity to see a few unusual birds on the island. One of the most magnificent sights to witness is one that is surrounded by mangrove woods. People walking on the island need to be cautious because the island’s waters are home to a variety of fish and crabs. The wooden bridge connecting the island to the little hills and the Purple Island beach adds to its appeal. People can go over the bridge and take in some breathtaking sights if they are seeking for a little adventure. The island is a good place to get a peaceful time.


Al Farkiah Beach

One of the best spots to visit in Al Khor to get in touch with nature and find calm is the deserted beach in Al Farkiah. The tranquility of the location will be enjoyed and witnessed by visitors, not something present elsewhere around. The beach is the ideal location for anyone wishing to relax with friends, family, or just by themselves while taking in the serene beauty of nature. There is just one entry and exit gate, hence the beach is enclosed. The many hues of the seashore will be visible to the public. Enjoying the restaurants, barbeque stands, and other attractions while taking in the scenery is one of the things to do in Qatar.


Al Khor Mall

The Al Khor Mall, known for being the biggest mall in the area, offers guests a wide variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. There are several amazing coffee shops and dining establishments. What’s best is that the Al Khor Mall even has a movie theatre in addition to housing some of the top international brands.

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