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Qatar received Over 600,000 international visitors in November

Cheering fans from all over the world came to Qatar for the Middle East’s first FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM to support their favourite teams while touring the top tourist destinations available in the capital and throughout the nation. Less than two weeks into the international athletic event, Qatar Tourism (QT) announced that the nation had already welcomed over 600,000 tourists from around the globe.

Saudi Arabia leads the latest tourism statistics with 16% of all international arrivals, followed by India (8%), the United States (7%), the United Kingdom (6%) and Mexico (5%). In addition to making up the top 10, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, France, and Kuwait are major sources of all foreign tourists coming into the country. As the first Middle Eastern country to ever host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, Qatar’s historic feat for the area has been followed by more victories and tournament-related records. 2.95 million tickets had been sold as of the opening day on November 20, according to a FIFA official, handily surpassing Russia (2018), where just over 2.4 million tickets had been sold. Later, with 88,966 spectators, the Argentina-Mexico game in Lusail Stadium set a record for the largest FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TMmatch attendance since 1994. Outside of the stadiums, the mega-event attracted unprecedented TV viewership across numerous markets.

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