Qatar Stock Exchange witnesses 0.26 percent hike

The Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) has shown positive growth in trading volume and value in its latest trading session. The bourse closed trading on Wednesday with a gain of 27.92 points (+0.26 percent) at 10,866.61 points.

Increase in Trading Volume and Value

The volume of shares traded increased significantly from 196,378,007 on Tuesday to 270,208,360 on Wednesday. Similarly, the value of shares also increased from QR451,829,231.046 on Tuesday to QR814,107,693.619 on Wednesday.

Sector-wise Performance

Out of the seven sectors, five sectors ended in the green zone while two sectors ended in the red zone. The QSE Total Return Index increased by 0.26 percent to 20,890.71 points, and the QSE Al Rayan Islamic Index gained 0.08 percent to 4,369.35 points. Additionally, the QSE All Share Index increased by 0.22 percent to 3,335.42 points.

Positive Outlook

The positive growth in trading volume, value, and indices of five sectors is a promising sign for the Qatar Stock Exchange. These developments suggest that there is an optimistic outlook for the QSE, and investors can expect a profitable return on their investments.

Empowering Investors with the Essential Information

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Understanding the Securities Market

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Risk Mitigation

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Access to Essential Information

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