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Qatar World Cup 2022 host family guest list reset by Hayya Platform

An email was sent by the Hayya Platform to residents of Qatar who had hosted family and friends during the FIFA World Cup last year, informing them that their registered guests list had been reset. This means that residents can now add new guests under their registered property. Mohammad Kazi, a resident, confirmed that he had received the email and that his Hayya platform guest list had been cleared. However, family and friends who visited Qatar during the World Cup will not be affected in any manner, as confirmed in the email.

As a result of the reset, all visitors will need to update their accommodation facilities and select one of the accepted modes of residence, such as Host Family and Friends, a hotel booking, or other accommodation booking platforms, before traveling to Qatar. The Hayya Card validity extension was recently announced by the Ministry of Interior (MoI), which allows its holders from outside the country to enter Qatar until January 24, 2024.

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