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Qatar’s moderation appreciated by British Newspaper

The Qatari state’s laws are anxious to ensure all individual and communal liberties, including freedom of religion and belief, according to the British publication The Independent, which also noted that Qatar is among the most moderate Arab and Islamic countries in terms of its laws and practises.

The newspaper highlighted Qatar’s openness to different arts, women’s rights, and modern civil laws in a report on the manifestations of Islam in Qatar, timed to the impending start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. It noted that Qatar had long been at the forefront of encouraging the practise of the arts and ensuring women’s freedoms, especially by ensuring their participation in a variety of spheres of life. The country of Qatar, which derives the majority of its rules from Islamic Sharia while still being committed to uphold civil laws, provided a welcoming setting for tourists, it was said.

According to the report, the culture of tolerance that distinguishes Qatari society is regarded as a “model” in the area because visitors typically abide by the country’s general laws, including modest dress, with the exception of some locations like swimming pools and beaches, out of respect for the traditions and customs of the nation and society, without impeding on personal freedoms.

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