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Qatar’s Transportation Master Plan supports non-motorized transport

In order to lessen traffic, minimize pollution, and stimulate physical exercise, the new land transportation rules established under the Transportation Master Plan for Qatar 2050 (TMPQ) support non-motorized transportation, such as walking, cycling, and small-wheeled transport.

According to the Updated Transportation Master Plan for Qatar released by the Ministry of Transport on its website, there are 60 policies for land transportation in the TMPQ that call for 287 policy actions. The policies have been broken down into many policy categories.

The TMPQ serves as a guide for making investments in land transportation infrastructure and identifies the frameworks and future directions for building out the nation’s transportation networks in a way that ensures their integration with land uses, urban development, population growth, and meeting future transportation demand. The non-motorized policies, under TMPQ land transportation, aim to promote non-motorized transport, such as walking, cycling, and small-wheeled transport, in order to lessen congestion, and pollution levels, and promote physical exercise and advantages to both the environment and health.

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