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QMSA hosting international medical exchange students

The Medical Student Exchange Programmes were hosted by the Qatar Medical Students Association (QMSA) in the College of Medicine at Qatar University Health (QU-Health).

QMSA welcomed three students from Belgium, Slovenia, and Croatia who chose a research project with Dr. Susu Zughaier in QU’s College of Medicine to pursue their internship and learn about antimicrobial resistance.

At the College of Medicine, visiting international students had the opportunity to interact and learn alongside local medical students, which proved to be a very enriching experience for both international and local students through the exchange of experiences, perspectives, and views.

The visiting students were exposed to the Problem Based Learning (PBL) educational module, which was novel to them because they were used to traditional lecture-based instruction at their universities.

Dr. Zughaier’s lab now includes third-year students Nika Perko of Coratia and Laurens Martens of Belgium, as well as fifth-year student Martin Rigler. Two other students participated in Hamad Medical Corporation clinics for professional exchange in the emergency room and internal medicine rotations.

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