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Retail sector in Qatar forecasts steady growth

During the first quarter of 2023, the retail business in Qatar is expected to grow gradually, boosting the country’s economy.

According to a survey by BFL Group, a worldwide retail store located in the UAE, Qatar’s retail sector is expected to be favourable in the first quarter of the year due to sustained population growth, high net-worth expats and people, and the successfully ended FIFA World Cup 2022. “The government’s assistance in easing travel restrictions, bolstering the investment landscape, and streamlining retail infrastructure also contributed to the industry’s revival and boosted recovery by promoting tourism,” according to the report. With the expansion of projects and international investments in Qatar, the retail business did reasonably well last year. As more expats are welcomed to the region and unoccupied lands are leased, the government has been able to achieve this great start.

Qatar welcomed more cutting-edge developments, such as malls, stadiums, and other infrastructures, which improved the country’s economy by attracting more shops.

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